Buter Bro
(Hot dog)
Cooking guide to make the original Buter Bro hot dog
You will receive the following in your DIY kit
We will deliver all required ingredients
for you to cook
Hot dog bun
French hot dog bun with baking paper for cooking
Original spiced beef sausage
Our sauces that we use for cooking
Step 1. Prepare the bread
- Heat the pan. Ideally, you want a grill pan, but the usual one will also work.

- Put the bread on baking paper and fry it, gently pushing in a pan for a couple of minutes on each side, until it becomes hot and crispy
Step 2. Fry the sausage
- Heat the pan and add a little oil

- Put the sausage in a pan. Fry, rolling over, until tender (3-5 min.).
Step 3. Put the hot dog together
- Pour both sauces inside the cooked bread. For convenience, you can use small bags to squeeze the sauce to the surface, cutting off the corner (photo 2)

- Put the cooked sausage inside the bun using kitchen tongs
Voila! Your hot dog is ready! Enjoy your meal!
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